A Million Miles from Home - Nothing to Declare

Welcome aboard flight 2011


Our picture of an aeroplane suggests modern travel, airport signage and Folkestone's place as

a cross-roads of road, rail, sea and air travel.

This is an invitation to 'come fly with me' and to use your imagination...


Why are we here?

Folkestone is practically unique along Britain;s coast in offering a combination of port

and resort.

The town's position, relative to London and the Continent, is important. So too, was the

arrival of the railway during the 1840's. The resort development could never have

occurred without these crucial connections.

This combination made made Folkestone a relatively comfortable place for travellers,

holidaymakers and residents alike. Striking a balance between the coming, going and staying

has always been complex.

The feeling of the place is entirely defined by this tension. The connectedness and possibility

of our town combine with relative tranquility to suggest adventure. A romantic, and slightly faded

sensibility of comfortable displacement pervades this spot.


From the Leas, the world's busiest shipping lanes may be watched. The long adventure of global

trade is evident in the continuous stream of great container ships.


It is not surprising that many artists and writers have used Folkestone as a springboard for their imaginations.

HG Wells, Joseph Conrad, Agatha Christie and Noel Coward all made extraordinary journeys from this place,

without leaving! These flights of fancy continue....we're all at it.


Nothing (more) to Declare

ps. if you look carefully at our animation, you will notice that the aeroplane tail is just transforming into a fishtail!



Karen was hoping to make this image a reality by painting it onto the bare rooftop in Millbay.

Sadly this roof was deemed unsafe, so our 'sign' remains a flight of fantasy.


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© Paul and Karen Rennie 2011