Star Gazing

GPO 'post office in space',
by Ken Howard RA ,
glazed pottery ape, c.4cms. high

Wedgwood limited edition (200) ceramic tankard commemorating Halley's Comet, designed by Sir Richard Guyatt, 1986, + certificate

1981 Sothebys spiral bound catalogue,
single lot auction of Raymond Loewy's documentary archive.c.32 fully illust. pages
fab original Artemide 'eclisse' / MOON desk lamp, c.1970s,

1960s soviet space postcards

Apollo 11 tin badge

Staedtler MARS lumograph pencils,
B,HB,3B, in original tin,
eleven pencils, unused.
Japanese cast metal 'lunar' knife rests, (all slightly different!)
£20 each (only two left)
1970s issue lp of Wendy Carlos's
Switched on Bach ll (but we have Clockwork Orange!)

-an illustrated introduction
by Patrick Moore,
1976 ed. scarce hardback, b&w illus.
Cosmos, signed Ledoux,
1990s issue.

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1960s vintage soviet space astronaut keyrings ( reverse French biscuit advertising

groovy 1960s gold painted metallic vintage trousers,
Paris label, small size c.23" waist
(inner leg c.30")
Space invaders button badge
vintage 1980s large button badge
Heinz space invaders
Italian 1980s damask silk scarf, with

original 1969 ep
Man on the Moon - the story in sound of the Apollo ll landing
complete with folding colour photo insert,
courtesy of NASA and transcript insert,

original 1969 ep
The Observer First Man on the Moon
narrated by Hugh Downs

classic 1970s lunar chic Devlin
stainless steel with detatchable gilded top, posey vase,

unusual chromed heliograph signalling mirror,

scarce Belgian astronomical model,

modern resin Tintin figures
from 'Operation Lune'
£9 each
sleeping eros....
Richard Strauss
Also Sprach Zarathusa
lp with cover photo for 2001 Space Odyssey, 1963

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