shell posters


Shell poster by E Mc Knight Kauffer dated 1933 for conchophiles series.


These fantastic 'artworks' were commissioned by Jack Beddington and were

displayed as advertising hoardings on the side of flat bed delivery lorries.

For marketing purposes Shell and BP were colleagues during the 1930s.

charming and informative paperback

with colour and black&white illustrations


rare original shell poster of Rye Marshes by Paul Nash

artwork by Anderson for shell poster 1934

artwork by Andrew Johnson circa 1936

framed p.o.a.

posters and artwork by Kauffer 1930s

posters by Tom Eckersley and Eric Lombers 1936 and 1938

poster by ben nicholson 1937

poster by paul nash 1932

poster artwork by Hans Feibusch 1930s

poster by clifford and rosemary ellis 1933

poster by graham sutherland

poster artwork by George Chapman 1954

Shell poster by Stuart-Hill 1932


1960's Shell guide posters with illustration by David Gentleman

Shell landscape posters 1950's Shell landscape poster 1950's Shell landscape poster 1950's


from National Motor Museum at Beaulieu
Here is an excellent map locating some of the Shell advertising in locations around Britain


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