World War One (and Two) commemoratives

Paul Nash wrote home to his wife from the Western Front 1917
- 'I am no longer an artist, but a messenger'

scarce 1940s silk UK union flag / scarf,
printed to two selvedges,
delicate and soft silk,
minor wear to the edge,
(old c.1940 printed cotton UK union flag available - please enquire)

rare original WW1 recruiting poster,
signed Guy Lipscombe,
vintage Danish Red Cross,
superb quality flags,
c.103cms. x 100cms.
c.1914 - 1918
aluminium POW bird brooch
1914 - 1918 handcoloured PEACE commemorative mug

WW1 mother of pearl souvenir brooch
1914-1918 Normandy
mother of pearl souvenir brooch
roll of Empire brand navy gros-grain ribbon with original wrapper
rare 1914-1918 WW1 silver French franc
engraved Maudie

scarce 1914 enamelled silver 'allies' flag brooch,

1917 The Buffs POW silver coin buckle, inscribed 2nd Lt. DG Merry Baghdad 1917,

scarce WW2 RAF navigator sweetheart perspex brooch,
WW1 Arras mother of pearl sweetheart souvenir brooch

WW2 homefront celluloid pin badge
1940s landworkers enamel badge
scarce WW1 Canadian forces in Folkestone
sweetheart brooch, set in silver
scarce WW1 Women's Institute teacup and saucer.
rare WW1 large enamelled badge
commemorating the local government board Comite des Refugies
Belgian/Folkestone alliance
rare WW1 enamelled silver French airplane brooch ( enamel a/f ), hallmarked 1916,

scarce original WW1 recruiting poster,
large size, c.40" x 50",
WW1 pochoir propaganda print 1917 ,
by Guy Arnoux ,

scarce WW2 enamelled chrome pin badge,
finely enamelled and incised Coldstream guards, silvery metal brooch, c.4cms.
Contemporary artist Bob & Roberta Smith commemorative brass button,
commissioned by IWM 2014
(we have a few of these)
South Lancashire Regiment
original gilt tunic buttons,
complete with back plate and pin,
stamped Pitt & co. Maddox St.
in excellent condition.
£16 each

scarce WW1 prisoner of war souvenir ring inscribed STOBS 1916,
scarce WW1 prisoner of war souvenir ring,
inscribed DORLOG 14 16

Belgian ghostsign dating from the 1930s.
unusual Chelsea Pensioner printed continental china posey vase!
Folkestone's Road of Remembrance,
where the troops marched 1914-1918 to boats taking them to the Front.
poignant 1917-1918 WW1 large enamelled tin heart shaped sweetheart souvenir brooch,
c.1950s stacking white melamine beakers,
used by Danish army
£5 each

(perfect for modern day use!)
scarce WW1 POW Belgian ring,
engraved YSER 1915 1916,

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NOVEMBER 11 2018 - Pages of the Sea commemoration on UK beaches

Find out about Step Short campaign in Folkestone
commemorating the troops who
started their war
time experience here.

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