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Armin Hofmann (born June 29, 1920)
is a Swiss graphic designer and an Honorary Royal Designer for Industry (UK). Hofmann began his career in 1947 as a teacher at the

Basel School of Art and Crafts at the age of twenty-six. Hofmann followed Emil Ruder as head of the graphic design department,

and was instrumental in developing the graphic design style known as the International Swiss Style. The style has two distinct

branches in Zurich and Basel. The work is known for its reliance on the fundamental elements of graphic form - point, line, and shape

– whilst, at the same time, conveying simplicity, complexity, representation, and abstraction.

Originating in Russia, Germany and The Netherlands during the 1920s, and stimulated by the artistic avant-garde and supporting

the International Style in modern architecture, Swiss typographic design positioned itself as the He is well known for his posters,

which emphasized economical use of colour and lettering.

Hofmann’s teaching methods were unorthodox and broad based, setting new standards that became widely known in design education

institutions throughout the world.

His independent insights as an educator, married with his rich and innovative powers of visual expression, created a body of work

enormously varied - books, exhibitions, stage sets, logotypes, symbols, typography, posters, sign systems, and environmental graphics.

His posters have been widely exhibited as works of art in major galleries, such as MoMA, NYC.

William Tell 1963


Klaus Oberer
Stadt Theatre 1967

Pierre Mendell
Ehemalige schuler der Grafik 1967

Armin Hoffman
William Tell 1963
Klauss Oberer
Stadt Theater 1967
Pierre Mendell
Ehemalige schuler der Grafik 1967
Pierre Gauchat 1950s original poster Lucerne music festival
Donald Brun
1949 Switzerland travel poster
1953 Lucerne International Festival of Music poster by Pierre Gauchat
Alois Carigiet
Swiss lithograph



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