FHK Henrion OBE 1914 - 1990


F H K Henrion was born in Nuremberg, Germany, and emigrated

to England in 1939. He adopted British nationality in 1946.

Henrion studied in Paris with Paul Colin and between 1936

and 1939 he worked in Paris and London designing

posters,packaging and exhibitions. His work for the

Ministry of Information and the US Office of War Information

in London established his reputation.


He was a pioneer of 'Corporate Identity' in Britain and was

been instrumental in many successful campaigns.


Henrion was art director at the ICA in London during the 1950s.

The ICA was a platform for the emergence of the Independent Group

and for the development of a widespread pop sensibility during

the 1960s.


His work often uses elements of photomontage and collage.

Henrion pioneered the use of Surrealist juxtapositions in the language of

advertising and visual communications in Britain.




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