Clifford (1907 - 1985) & Rosemary Ellis (1910 - 1998) )






Clifford and Rosemary Ellis were husband and wife and artist partners from 1931 onwards.

During the 1930s they designed posters for large organisations such as London Transport, the Empire Marketing Board and Shell-Mex and BP Ltd.

Their design work was distinguished by a lively use of colour and form, and a complete integration of image and text into a single coherent

and meaningful design. Their posters are slightly unusual, in the context of the 1930s, for the widespread use of birds and animals in a

completely authentic naturalistic context.

The success of the posters led to more work as book jacket designers. Nowadays, Clifford and Rosemary Ellis are best known as the artists

associated with the covers for the New Naturalist books published by Collins.

After WW2, Clifford Ellis was appointed a master at Bath Academy where he was instrumental in moving the school to Corsham Court.

By the end of the 1960s, the school had taught over 600 art teachers.

The relative proximity of Corsham to the artist colonies in Cornwall gave the Bath Academy access to a talented and inspirational group of artist teachers.

scarce original GPO poster by C& R Ellis, 1935

Rosemary Ellis
portrait of girl and bow
portrait of girl and cockerel

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