Spindles - photo album and diary of a hideaway

belonging to silent film actress Irene Rooke in 1927

these are a few pages illustrated in May 2008 edition of World of Interiors.

Here are some more pages from the album, lovingly compiled and handbound

by Irene Rooke.

We would very much like to one day publish the album so devotees of this surreal landscape

can enjoy this secret seaside souvenir too.

For more photos of Irene Rooke -please see National Portrait Gallery entry

and many thanks to Anne Ramsden who contacted us with this wonderful photo of Irene Rooke with Charles Ashton

in Ibsen's Pilars of Society, filmed in Norway.

Irene Rooke and Charles Ashton

(left) c.1930 sketch of Irene Rooke as Maria Verelst at Grand Theatre Hull,

image courtesy of Lesley Ward who kindly sent us the original to scan.

(right) as "Ninette" fancy dress ball at Salisbury, aged 17



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