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Paul Rennie GPO posters design book
Modern British Posters by Paul Rennie
Paul Rennie on Festival of Britain Design
GPO Posters in the DESIGN series by Paul Rennie (please tell us if you would like it signed by author)
Modern British Posters - graphic design & communication by PAUL RENNIE hardcover, fully illustrated in colour c. 192pp
available and signed! from us at £
Festival of Britain 1951 Design
by Paul Rennie (signed)
hardback 127pp fully illustrated in colour and b&w
London Transport posters
GPO Film Unit book
240pp fully illustrated (includes contributory chapter by Paul Rennie)
Paul Rennie for RoSPA
explores important historical archive of accident prevention posters,
hb.fully illustrated. c.150pp
The Projection of Britain - a history of GPO film unit including a chapter by Paul Rennie, pb. 340pp, many illustrations

hb. 256pp. fully illus.
signed by the author if you wish.
Flag Waves-house flags from National Maritime Museum by Sue Pritchard,
hb. c.151pp. fully illus.
Ghost Signs - a London Story
by Sam Roberts & Roy Reed,
pb. c.320pp. fully illus.
Empire Marketing Board Poster book
Fougasse book
pb. c.9 full colour complexly folded pages with text.
Fougasse by James Taylor, hb. lovely and informative book
Edward Bawden's Kew Gardens
text by Peyton Skipwith
128pp. hb.
fully illustrated in colour,
Atoms to Patterns book
Ruth Artmonsky Designing Women

From Atoms to Patterns
crystal structure designs from the 1951 Festival of Britain by Lesley Jackson paperback 124pp fully illustrated in colour and b&w
Designing Women
woment working in advertising and publicity from the 1920s to the 1960s
by Ruth Artmonsky
136pp fully illustrated in colour and b&w, paper wrappers
Kenneth Rowntree exhibition catalogue,
128pp. fully illustrated, pb.

Edward Bawden's England,
text by Gill Saunders,
fully illus. hb. 144pp.
John Nash - The landscape of Love and Solace,
text Andy Friend,
hb. fully illustrated, c.352pp.
to accompany forthcoming exhibition at Towner Art Gallery (2021)
Edward Bawden Scrapbooks,
hb, fully illustrated, 208pp.
Edward Bawden and his Circle
camouflage in art
Railway poster book
Edward Bawden and His Circle by Malcolm Yorke hardback 264pp. 190 colour plates and 52 b&w
Camouflage and Art design for deception in World War 2 by Henrietta Goodden Hardback 192pp fully illustrated in b&w and colour
Railway Posters 1923-1947 by Beveley Cole & Richard Durak 160pp paperback fully illustrated in colour £17.95
Edward Bawden
Alan Powers
The Art of an Art Historian
fully illustrated large format monograph, limited hb. edition of 196 copies, 162pp.
Edward Bawden by Caroline Bacon and James McGregor hardback 176pp fully illustrated in colour and b&w.
limited to 2000
£120 ( out of print - couple of copies available)
Jeremy Deller
Art is Magic
signed copy
Edward Ardizzone artist & illustrator,
text by Alan Powers,
hb. 208pp fully illustrated,
Painted People - Humanity in 21 tattoos by Matt Lodder,
c.352 pp. hb. illus.
Story of Guinness Lithographs
text by Emma Mason,
pb. fully illustrated,
Art for the Ear
40 years of illustration for BBC radio
pb. fully illus.
Shell Art & Advertising
by Scott Anthony, Oliver Green, Margaret Timmers,
c.208pp. fully illus.
John Hassall - the life and art of the poster king, text by Lucinda Gosling,
fully illus. hb. c.256pp.
Paul Nash in Swanage
a few copies available, pb.
£50 each
Midwinter Pottery
a revolution in British tableware,
by Steven Jenkins,
120pp fully illustrated in b&w and colour , softcover
Poole in the 1950s,
fully illustrated brochure,
hardback compiled by Richard Furness, fully illustrated in colour (extensive and comprehensive catalogue).
check for availability as some now out of print / or soon reprinting
poster to poster Scotland
Railway Journeys by Richard Furness
vol.1 Scotland
vol.3. The Midlands and Wales
vol.6 The British North West
poster to poster london and the southeast
vol.4. The Eastern Counties
vol.5 London and The South East
vol.7 The Glorious South-West
254pp. fully illustrated in colour,
jampacked with information,
in production...
McKnight Kauffer monograph
Hans Schleger Zero monograph
The Art of John Piper,
by David F Jenkins and Hugh Fowler-Wright,
covering entire career, foreward by grandson Luke,
lavish and fully illustrated 472pp. hb.
E. McKnight Kauffer - A designer and his public by Mark Haworth-Booth 128pp. paperback fully illustrated in colour and b&w
Zero: Hans Schleger: A Life of Design by Pat Schleger foreward by Paul Rand 272pp hardback fully illustrated in colour and black and white
abram games monograph
abram games poster journeys
Ashley Havinden monograph
Abram Games Graphic Designer maximum meaning minimum means by Naomi Games, Catherine Moriarty and June Rose foreward by Sir Christopher Frayling (RCA) 208 pp hardback illustrated in colour and black and white
Poster Journeys - Abram Games & London Transport compiled by Naomi Games 80pp hardback fully illustrated
Ashley Havinden advertising and the artist National Galleries of Scotland 2003 texts by Michael Havinden, Richard Hollis, Ann Simpson and Alice Strang pp93 softcover illustrated in colour and black and white
James Boswell monograph
history of Penguin books and Noel Carrington
British Murals book
James Boswell Unofficial War Artist London Scotland Iraq 1939 - 1945 by Ruth Boswell pp136 softcover with dustjacket
Drawn Direct to the Plate Noel Carrington and the Puffin Picture Books by Joe Pearson pb. fully illustrated c.216pp
£65 (one copy remaining)
British Murals & Decorative Painting 1920 - 1960,
351pp, hb. fully illustrated
Contemporary lithographs book
Checklist of Puffin Picture Books
80pp. fully illustrated pb.
Contemporary Lithographs-
Art for Everyone,
118pp. fully illustrated pb.
Abram Games and Penguin Books,
80pp. illustrated pb.
2015 modern reprints of Ambrose Heath classics, Bawden illustrations,
£12.99 each
East End Vernacular-
artists who painted London's East End streets in the 20thC
hb. fully illustrated, signed by author,
Conscience and Conflict
British Artists & the Spanish Civil War ,
fully illustrated pb. 160pp.
charming little book of registered Clown makeup designs, recorded on painted eggs, hb.
Architect of Floors - Marion Dorn
by Christine Boydell,
pb. fully illus. c.144pp.
£40 (out of print - we have some in stock)
Mid-Century Modern Graphic Design
by Theo Inglis,
hb. fully illus. 256pp.
Eric Ravilious book
Eric Ravilious and Wedgwood book
pb. edition of original Imperial War Museum catalogue,
informative and essential reference work,
The England of Eric Ravilious by Freda Constable with Sue Simon 104pp. paperback fully illustrated in colour and b&w
Ravilious & Wedgwood the complete designs of Eric Ravilious 53pp hardback with 24pp of illustrations in b&w and colour
Eric Ravilious memoir
Eric Ravilious in print book
Eric Ravilious personal memoir of an artist by his very good friend Helen Binyon 144pp paperback fully illustrated in b&w and colour.
Eric Ravilious in Print exhibition catalogue by Gaye Smith with contributions by Stephanie Boydell 39pp + 8 colour plates soft cover illustrated in b&w and colour
Bawden, Ravilious and the Artists of Great Bardfield, text Malcolm Yorke,
fully illustrated.
Ravilious in Pictures series... all hardcover with matching dustjacket, 48pp full page colour illust. £25 each
Eric ravilious book
Ravilious at war book ravilious in pictures
Ravilious in pictures countrylife
vol 1. Sussex and the Downs
vol 2. The War Paintings
vol 3. A Country Life
Ravilious in pictures vol.4
Wood engravings of Eric Ravilious
Alan Powers Eric Ravilious Artist and Designer
vol 4. A Travelling Artist
Wood Engravings of Eric Ravilious,
text by James Russell,
Eric Ravilious Artist & Designer
216pp. fully illustrated hardback
Paul Nash landscape and life of objects
The Home of the Surrealists
Lee Miller, Roland Penrose and their circle at Farley Farm House,
pb. 144pp many colour and b&w illus.
Paul Nash Landscape & the Life of Objects by Andrew Causey,
hardcover fully illustrated mostly in colour, 168pp,
Brothers in Arms JOHN & PAUL NASH and the aftermath of the Great War by Paul Gough,
Paul Nash in Pictures
Paul Nash in Pictures
Landscape and Dream,
hb full page colour plates,
Leonora Carrington The Debutante and other stories
E. McKnight Kauffer,
the artist in advertising
by Condell & Orr,
hb. with foldover (poster) dj. 275pp,
Paul Nash -
another life, another world
text David Boyd Haycock
fully colour illustrated pb.
Cutting Edge -
modernist British printmaking,
in association with Dulwich Picture Gallery,
fully colour illustrated pb.
London Life by Colin o'Brien,
large format hb. fully illus. b&w evocative photos of everyday life and locations in London.
signed by the author/photographer,
£50 (o/p and available from us)
Wearing propaganda Bard exhibition catalogue
Henry Moore book for children
Wearing Propaganda - textiles on the home front in Japan, Britain and the United States 1931 - 1945 edited by Jacqueline Atkins with essay by Paul Rennie in association with Bard Graduate Centre New York 376pp lavishly illustrated hardback, 2005
Henry Moore by Sean Connolly 32pp large text for children, interesting facts and fabulous images hardback illustrated in colour and b&w
George Shaw - a corner of a foreign field,
356pp. fully illustrated to accompany Paul Mellon/ Holbourne exhibition, 2019
20 flowers and some bigger pictures,
hb. full colour,
published to coincide with exhibtion
James Ravilious - a life
by Robin Ravilious
hb. c.248pp. illus
Ravilious & Co.
text Andy Friend,
hb. c.336pp. illus.
hb. fully illustrated in colour,
design Jules Akel
Insiders Outsiders
refugees from Nazi Europe and their contribution to British visual culture,
ed. Monica Bohm-Duchen
hb. 256pp full illus.
Barnett Freedman
Designs for Modern Britain
fully illus. hb. to accompany exhibition sadly postponed during Corona Virus,
David King - designer, activist, visual historian by Rick Poyner,
fully illustratred hb.
well designed book!
Lee Miller
A Life with Food Friends & Recipes
by Ami Bouhassane,(granddaughter)
c.352pp. fully illus. hb.
informative and multi-layered,
Andrew Martin
Seats of London,
pb. fully illustrated and informative
exploration of moquette,
byBurgaud and Gassof
French anti-super hero comic book, 24 double-page characters...including super melon man and super cactus woman!
now out of print, we have 2 copies
Heals Posters HEALS Advertising modernism,
fully illus. pb. with wrappers,
by Ruth Artmonsky/ Stella Harpley
Thomas Hennell
The Land and the Mind by Jessica Kilburn,
fully illus. hb. c.352pp.
detailed re-appraisal,
Button Power - 125 years of saying it with buttons by Hake and Carter,
hb. fully illustrated,
Abbatt Toys,
text by Alan Powers,
new publication, fully illus.
Kenneth Steel
catalogue raisonne of prints and railway posters,
c.112pp. fully illus.hb.
limited ed. 800.
Laura Freeman
Jim Ede and the Kettle's Yard Artists,
c.377pp.Hb illus.
Pandemic Spring
(around Deal, Kent)
text and colour photography by Gregory Dunn
photo book limited to 400,
signed, forward by Cathal Coughlin,

Seijla Kameric postcards of Folkestone
Seijla Kameric postcards
book RCA design
set of 12 postcards produced for 2008 first Folkestone Triennale
£10 per set, or £1 per card.
click here for more details
100 years of the Royal College of Art by Claire Catterall and Christopher Frayling paperback fully illustrated 80pp
Edward Bawden linocut greetings card
Edward Bawden: Sahara
(please note we also have original 1930's sheets of this design for sale)
Edward Bawden: Horseguards
Edward Bawden: teapots
GPO advertising greeting card Night Mail
GPO advertising greeting card
GPO advertising greeting card Zero
Pat Keely Night Mail
GPO artwork
Zero for GPO
Tom Eckersley greeting card
Tom Eckersley greeting card
Robert Taverner cards
Eckersley for GPO - china cow
Eckersley for GPO - china dog
Robert Taverner
Abram Games: pack of 16 postcards spanning designer's career 1935-1975
Hans Schleger (Zero) postcards
60p each
Hans Schleger postcards
60p each
Ai Wei Wei
'drops a Ming Vase - Lego image'
set of three postcards £5
Hans Schleger postcards
John Piper Romney Marsh church postcards
John Piper Romney Marsh postcards
Hans Schleger postcards 60p each
John Piper Romney Marsh churches
pack of 10 cards, (7 exteriors and 3 interiors)
(part of proceeds towards conservation of churches)
John Hinde postcards 50p each

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