Folkestone Triennial 2017


This is the Fourth Arts Triennial we have participated in!

The brief this year is Double Edge

Our thought process was like this...

1. rhyming eg Super Veg (allotment), topiary hedge (Viv Stanshall?), magic pledge, sand wedge, on the edge

2. double facing Janus

3. double vision

4. double edged sword / razor ...I don't like beards

5. colour vs. b&w

and then more deep and profound?!


- now & then

- neglect & regeneration


Then I thought leave the profundities to the commissioned artists at the Triennial.

We are keen to welcome visitors to the fun of Folkestone.

As with previous years, we have produced a collectable beermat.

Side one is inspired by the old advertising campaign of Double Diamond Beer which was said to 'Work Wonders'

from this to this

and side two refers to our geographical as well as mental states,
riffing on 1970s graphic artist Roger Dean

from this to this

We continue the nod to retro advertising with the famous

doublemint gum twins... you remember, 'double the pleasure, double the fun...'?

And so our shop banners are inspired by the famous Wrigley's ( no NOT Shrigley's!) doublemint gum.


You may also find some door/window vinyls which we have had made for our local friends.

We may yet persuade Paul to create his 'blurred border' a mutated interpretation of a shipping map,

which he plans to do over the summer, when he is not engaged in 15 minute 'on site' tutorials for all

art students. (details to be confirmed)


We hope you will come and find us half way up the Old High Street, under the scaffolding!

© Karen and Paul Rennie

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